After tediously working to bring this site back to life (technical difficulties, you will forever be my nemesis), I am excited (and humbled) to be resurrecting this project. It’s something I had been telling myself I was going to do for some time now but a class I’m taking this semester gave me the final push to get myself in gear and start posting again.


A lot has changed since we last chatted. The main points though, have remained the same:

  1. I am a college student
  2. who is broke and
  3. needs to get my financials (back) in line.

For a step back in history check out my first post, here, explaining the reasons behind this blog. Don’t worry though, I’ll be revisiting these ideas again in a future post. I want to examine how I’ve changed over these past couple of years (holy moly, I started this blog almost two years ago!) and how my future is taking shape.

In brief though, as the title of the blog suggests, my plan is to live on forty dollars or less each week. Granted my life style has changed a little since first starting. I’m paying my own rent and utilities (or trying to) so those need to be accounted for in my budgeting as well. Also, I’m graduating in two and half short months *gulp* and I need a plan for how to get ready to start out in the real world.

It’s not just about saving money anymore so I’m not so broke. It’s about changing my lifestyle to better prepare myself for putting on my big kid pants.

Stay tuned for an updated budget, budget cooking and tips and tricks I pick up in my journey to more efficiently budget my life and finally.


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I think this is a pretty cool project. I’ve heard about it through a cousin and decided to sign up. It’s cool to see what blogs are located around you! Although, I haven’t seen any Rochester, NY represented yet, so if you have a blog and from around the ROC add yours to this! Bloggers unite!

Just kidding…but really, add yourself and see who else it out there!


PS. I’m from Pittsburgh and follow a ton of Pittsburgh blogs so that’s why I have a Pittsburgh search picture =)


So I’m doing a little bit of restructuring of my budget. Moving funds around and playing with numbers to try and save even more money. So for the time being, I’m going back to literally taking out forty dollars each week and using only that to pay for anything I buy.

As I got better at mentally keeping track of what I bought/knowing how much I could spend on each section of my budget, it was really easy for me to just to use my debit card or loose cash. Now that I’m not a 100% sure where my money will be distributed throughout my new budget, I want to make sure I stay within my budget. It’ll be fun to play around with different ways to use my money and of course, save it!


Forty dollars cash this week!



My Big News

So at the beginning of summer a friend showed me this scholarship, The Shop Smart Scholarship, for college students who creatively budget their lives. He told me he didn’t really know of anyone else who had a more interesting way of budgeting than me with my blog and my 40 dollars.

So I entered.

And I won. $2,000.

I was one of five applicants who won $2,000 out of over 5,000 entries. Talk about a holy shit moment. I received the call while at work and despite being a tough cookie, got so excited there may have been a tear or two. $2,000 is more than I have EVER had in my bank account.

Yes, that includes whenever I was too young to want to spend any of my Christmas or birthday money and it went into an account I didn’t have access to until I was 16.

The most amount of money I had ever held (of my own) was $400 I had saved up over a baseball season to buy a video iPod when I was 14. Now I was holding a check that was worth $2,000.

Excuse the hack Photoshop job of the picture. I wanted to show you guys the check without revealing too much private information.

The next question is what am I going to use this money for? Well, unlike most scholarships this was not directly given to the school. It’s given to me to utilize and help make my budget more successful.

So what does this mean? Is FortyorLess getting an upgrade? Will I now be FiftyorLess?

Nope. I’m sticking to my guns. Forty dollars each week will remain my allowance. I want to try and treat $2,000 as the new 0 of my savings account. I want to build on top of that and grow that $2,000 into as much as I can. By making $2,000 my new 0, I will only add to the account, rather than take from it. However, I am looking ahead and am planning where the $2,000 can help me most. (i.e. Loans, housing costs etc.)

Stay tuned, folks! See where this $2,000 dollars take me.